Glengfestivalen, Sarpsborg

“I’ve worked with different musical contexts before, but doing a short story is new. It gives me a sense of movie music for my story. I enjoy it” says Lars Saabye Christensen. This time it is Anniken Paulsen who sets the mood through the music. It is obvious that she adds new dimensions to the novel. “The first time I heard the music was a few days ago. It was absolutely inspiring and it gives me another feeling that it is natural to connect music poetry and short stories”.

Paulsen shows that she has an understanding of the content and musical insight and knowledge to build up the story. Both during the short story and in the poetry, she invited us to many exciting sounds, and in addition she draws the audience into beautiful melodic parties. The interaction between the words and the music has an experience and a cohesion that gives a rich dividend. A cooperation between Saabye Christensen and Paulsen must be carried on.

Erling Brøndmo, Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad, June 10, 2000

“The words and music complement each other”

The time went fast in the celebration last night. Annika Paulsen with music and Lars Saabye Christensen with words delivered a great experience. The music of Anniken Paulsen and the words of Lars Saabye Christensen are very different instruments but they complemented each other.

Harald Hultengren, Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad, March 1, 1997

“Dramatics in Words and Tones”

Anniken Paulsen’s “The Heart is glowing in the Night”, where recitation, string quartet and percussion together made a firework of sound, rhythm words and energy became the concert’s most entertaining part. Here we heard a dramatic soundtrack where the music emphasized Saabye Christensen’s words, first lingering, and then quivering with temperament and sensitivity.


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