Anniken Paulsen

Music is Anniken´s first love and she draws her inspiration from nature the sea and the mountains of her homeland in the north of Norway. The sounds of waves crashing; birds calling; the rustle of the wind in the trees all inspire her to write music which is sometimes vibrant, sometimes hushed but always in tune with the world and the drama of life.

Anniken trained as a classical solo pianist. She graduated from the Norwegian Academy of Music with a stunning debut performance which included the works of Liszt, Schuman and Ravel. After that, she studied contemporary composition and began to build a career which encompasses works for orchestra, chamber music, solos and duets.

However, an unusual start in life (she was born and lived in a cinema) inspired a curious mind and Anniken is a true crossover composer, writing synth, theatre and film music and collaborating with writers, artists and other musicians over a broad range of music.

It can be said that her music matches her style. Colourful, occasionally flamboyant and, as observed by one critic, ¨comparable to the work of Pink Floyd¨.