“Dramatic and exciting”

The music added extra excitement and excitement to the fairy tale “Ringelighorn” when it was premiered in the Children’s Festival.

The composer Anniken Paulsen has found the mood that the impression from the text forms when reading the adventure. The music was skilfully played and worked well to colour and elaborate the text.

Nordlys, 29 June 1996

“Exciting and special contemporary music”

The play draws its inspiration from Norse creativity mythology. Composer Paulsen retrieved the text from one of Tor Åge Bringsværd’s books.

In the work, the reading and music complement the very dramatic account. The story that was told as well as the music that was played was therefore performed with great empathy and to great effect. Paradoxically, a sense of doom characterised parts of the play as it was perceived in Norse mythology. Occasionally the piece contained melodious parties, but most often it was unpredictable as a hurricane.

Fredriksstad Blad, April 27, 1997

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