Hansel & Gretel


The fairy-tale flowed in streams: Grumpy stepmother, witch and innocent children passing through. The music of Anniken Paulsen was colorful and exciting, and it gave the narrator something to play against. This worked excellently, to the degree that the spectators sat entranced. In short, here you were once again reminded that music can be used precisely. That it is possibly unfamiliar is exciting and gives the pleasure of joy. It is indeed a question of musical quality.

After the witch had been cremated in the stove and Hans and Grete had returned loaded with gold and diamonds and it was all over, it was time for questions from the “hall” to the composer. It was all simple and dependable, and disarmingly honest.

Harstad Tidende, February 4, 1995

“A hit”

Anniken Paulsen has created a warm, nice and dramatic version of the famous fairy tale from the Brothers Grimm. The warm and deep involvement was exemplarily conveyed through a vibrant Tove Karoline Knutsen who brought the children into the music. The music served as sound scenes and sound moods that gave the adventure an extra dimension in the best sense.

Nordlys, February 4, 1995

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