Arctic Light

The most interesting moments on this CD belong to the more adventurous compositions, particulary effective is the staccato of the trumpets over the dark low brass musing in the last movement of the Sandstroms Echopieces, as well as the crystalline sonic picture of the Northern Lights in Paulsen’s Arctic Light.

Magazine of the International Trombone Association, 2001

“Exciting from good ensemble”

There are a number of highlights on the record, first and foremost Sven David Sandstöms “Echopieces” from 1998, Ketil Hvoslefs “Erkejubel” from 1982 and not least Anniken Paulsen’s very exciting ” Arctic Light ” from 1995.

Trond Erikson, Smaalenenes Avis

“Melts hearts”

In particular, it is interesting that there is a female in the composer basket. Anniken Paulsen’s suite “Arctic Light”, reflecting on Arctic light and weather phenomena, is evocative and imaginative, with its atonal sounds and sound-painting effects. Together with such as Asheim, Hvoslef and Berge, she confirms that there is a bastion of Norwegian contemporary music.

Liv Riiser, Vårt Land, April 24, 2001

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